Economic Impact


Research activities carried out on technological and strategic issues in TEC will help to distinguish Europe’s high-wage tooling industry from competitors in low labour cost countries, which more and more convince through captivating constructive and excellent production know-how. The project results represent a new application at the crossroads between different technologies and disciplines. They are high added-value products and technologies meeting their customers’ requirements. At the same time the project benefits both new high-tech industries and higher-value knowledge-based traditional industries – which, without any doubt, is the European tooling industry.
TEC focuses on the very core of Europe’s future prosperity: its ability to quickly and more extensively adapt to new customers’ needs than its competitors, to be able to provide more qualified and high-wage jobs, to decouple resource consumption and productivity and to more rapidly adapt new technologies and innovations. The resulting increase of  productivity per employee ensures the competitiveness of value creation in Europe and will lessen the job-threatening impact of low wage countries.

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